Buíochas/Gratitude Fingerless Gloves:

Pattern available now

This Buíochas/Gratitude Fingerless Gloves pattern is now available on Ravelry.

Start each day with gratitude as you slip on these Buíochas Fingerless Gloves. Spelled out in the pattern is the word buíochas, the Irish word for gratitude. In the Ogham alphabet, the ancient tree alphabet of Ireland, each letter represents a tree. The letters of buíochas contain the following tree letters (read bottom to top):

S – Willow (Saille)

A – Pine (Ailm)

H – Hawthorn (Huath)

C – Hazel (Coll)

O – Gorse (Onn)

I – Yew (Idho)

U – Heather (Ur)

B – Birch (Beith)


South of Ireland Knitting Tour

I recently returned from a knitting tour that spanned Dublin, Galway, Connemara, Inis Oírr (Inisheer)/Aran Islands, Co. Kerry , and Co. Cork. Filled with inspiration, I returned with many new design ideas!


At The Constant Knitter in Dublin, we saw the many creations of designer Keiran Foley. He showed us one piece with mistakes left in, sharing “I left the mistakes in here and the mistakes look more interesting than the rest of the piece.”




I bought a new knitting notebook with Keiran Foley’s design as the cover:





Outside of Dublin, we learned wire knitting at Winnie’s Craft Cafe.



In Connemara, Joe Hogan demonstrated his famous basket weaving, made from willow branches.



The talented Anne O’Máille gave us a knitting workshop in Galway before we visited her lovely store downtown (and bought some Studio Donegal yarn).


On Inis Oír (Inisheer), the smallest of the Aran Islands, we learned to weave a Bridget’s Cross, knit Aran cables from Una McDonagh and Mairead Sharry; we then saw a demonstration of spinning and dyeing with local plants.


We stopped in Killarney for a knitting workshop with Carol Feller.



Taking a break in downtown Killarney, I sipped some herbal tea with a new sheep scarf in bright Irish green.


Glen Keen Sheep Farm



Kerry Woolen Mills


We ended at Hedgehog Fibres, a well-known indie dyer out of Ireland. I chose these four skeins for my own stash.





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