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Faye's Arm Warmers.JPG
Faye’s Arm Warmers

Keep your little one warm this fall with these wool, rib stitch arm warmers. Although these are perfect for children, sizes can be increased for adults.

These Buíochas/Gratitude Fingerless Gloves are now available on Ravelry and Etsy.

Start each day with gratitude as you slip on these Buíochas Fingerless Gloves. Spelled out in the pattern is the word buíochas, the Irish word for gratitude. In the Ogham alphabet, the ancient tree alphabet of Ireland, each letter represents a tree. The letters of buíochas contain the following tree letters (read bottom to top):

S – Willow (Saille)

A – Pine (Ailm)

H – Hawthorn (Huath)

C – Hazel (Coll)

O – Gorse (Onn)

I – Yew (Idho)

U – Heather (Ur)

B – Birch (Beith)