Earth Reiki

Kristin is currently working on her new book Earth Reiki: Heal Yourself While Healing The Environment. Earth Reiki allows you to heal yourself while healing the environment because your body is a microcosm of the larger environment (the macrocosm). As you give yourself Reiki treatments, that same energy heals the earth; similarly, when you offer healing energy to the earth, the same energy helps to heal you.

Reiki Treatments

My healing focus is on Earth Reiki (sending healing to the environment) and on Self-Healing. If you would like a session to learn more about how healing yourself helps to heal the environment, order a session on my Etsy page: Earth Reiki Healing.

earth reiki etsy

Reiki Certification

If you are interested in Reiki Certification, there are three levels. Prices and timing of each level vary. For more info, please contact me via private message on my Facebook page.

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Learn more about Earth Reiki on blog posts here and on the book’s Facebook page:

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